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100_0074_055This is Cessna, a majestic eagle we visited in 2003 in Alaska.  He had injured his wing, and was in rehab at the time.  He was healing nicely and soon to be released.  At the time we owned a Cessna airplane, and were sad to know he got his name because he flew into a Cessna.payday loans  If you have not seen these magnificent birds up close, they are so beautiful.

BERMUDA 090This is not a picture from a cruise, LOL.  But this is what happened here yesterday–about 6 inches of fluffy white snow.  This is the reality of winter that we cruise to forget.   And while we shovel or plow, we think of Caribbean islands or Hawaii.   And drink of the day!

For now it’s time to sit by the fire, keep warm and do some stitching.

Happy second day of 2013!

We wish everyone health and happiness in this new year.  And cruises!

We are having very cold weather here; about 10 below zero in the  mornings for the past few days.  We had about 8 inches of snow overall last week, and with no sun for a few days it is not melting fast.  Like so many others, we are paying now for last year’s mild winter.

Well, if it’s January, spring is just around the corner!

Best wishes

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