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Tracy Arm was beautiful, so calm and serene.  Our ship was the first of the season to get all the way in.  Just the week before, ice prevented it.  There was a naturalist describing how the glaciers formed and what wildlife was there.  At certain places she would have to turn off her mike, as it is considered a disturbance.  We did not take one picture.  First off, we are not good photographers and nowadays we only use our phones for pics.  We met a cute young couple who are great photographers, and they were going to email us some pics that I could put here.  However, two days later they both became ill and I guess they forgot to send us pics when they got home.  We chose to stay inside, as we are wimps.  Really. though, we have been there before and didn’t feel like getting out the coats this time.  The Crow’s Nest is a wonderful place for viewing if you don’t want to go out on deck.  It was full, but people were friendly and let you get in front to see for a minute.  When it was time for happy hour, the Crow’s Nest was very crowded, but this happened every day.  At 3 45 there was one bartender and a few guests spread around.      At 3 59 there were 4 bartenders, 4 servers and every seat in the room taken.      Next stop Juneau.


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