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grnhseThis is our hangout in St Thomas.  After walking around and looking in shops for awhile with a couple from the ship, we all headed here for lunch.  Doug, the manager, remembered us from last time.  We always have the Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer and this time we also tried the Crab Rolls.  There is a fun atmosphere here and the food was delicious, as always.


We walked around some more after lunch, then headed back to the ship for some hot tub time.  Most people were still ashore, so the hot tub was not crowded.  We enjoyed the quiet in the solarium after the hot tub.  It was a relaxing day.


cocoaAfter a rainy trip from Orlando to Cocoa Beach, it was just drizzling in CB.  We used Happy Hour shuttle service, and they are terrific.  No waiting to fill a van; Ron picked us up at baggage claim at the airport, and we were off.  We stayed at LaQuinta, and found it pleasant with nice landscaping.  I love the palm trees.  We headed to their Time Out Sports Bar for a sandwich.  We are not sports fans, but at least we know the Gators.  There were 4 or 5 people there when we went in, but in 20 minutes, the bar was full with fans waiting for the Gator game to start.  There was a lot of teasing going on between all the customers and Eddie joined right in.  A young man next to me said $1 shots start soon.  He said he was going to have a Fireball, so I asked what it was.  He bought us both one to try, so then we had to reciprocate.  It is a cinnamon flavored liquor.  He told me it tastes cold at first then hot, but it didn’t taste hot to me.  Most of the customers were locals, and that always means you’ve found a good place.

Ron was back the next morning to take us to our ship.  The predicted rain was gone and the sun was out.  It was a beautiful day.  We had a short ride to the pier, and then we were on Freedom of the Seas again. Walking on board a ship is a wonderful feeling.

breezeBahama Breeze, Las Vegas, is a great start for a trip.  We made it for Happy Hour and enjoyed our usual Pineapple Coconut martini to toast our trip. The inside bar was full, so we headed to the patio bar.  They had the windows open and the guitarist was playing great music.  We sang along and had a dance or two.  Then we ordered appetizers and called it dinner.We visited with the guitarist on his break.  We ran into the son of a man Eddie worked with years back in LV, so there was some catching up going on there.

Saturday we flew to Orlando to spend a night in Cocoa Beach before boarding our ship on Sunday.

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