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This is the Grand Princess sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge.  We were on the Crown Princess, which is her sister ship.  We sailed out of San Francisco at night, and went up to one of the high decks as we sailed under the bridge. So glad we stayed up to see it, as we missed the arrival at 5 AM.   It was amazing, but our phone would not take good pictures.  It really looked close, but a crew member told us that there was between 8 and 12 feet of clearance, depending where you measured it.

20140929_225552[1]20140929_111754[1]  20140929_111554[1]

We have been to SF several times, so this time we explored Pier 39. It was walking distance from the ship, but it was a long walk.  In the past we have ridden the cable cars, visited Ghiradelli Square and sampled wonderful chocolate, and driven down the crookedest road in the US.   Pier 39 has lots of interesting shops, and we definitely walked off that night’s dessert.  The carousel is also at Pier 39.  It wasn’t running that day, so not sure if it usually does.    It was a bit chilly and windy, but that was expected.  We decided not to take the Alcatraz tour, as it involves a half hour boat ride, and we preferred not to do it that day.  It’s always good to leave something to do the next time.

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