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sandbarSomehow, in all our trips to CA, we had never been here. It is a fun town, easy to walk around and the weather was beautiful.  We needed to buy a watch battery, which turned out to be an adventure.  In our younger days, we always went to a department store for this, but we walked to the mall and neither big store had them.  We checked out camera stores, Radio Shack and anything else we went by that might have one.  Finally, a sales clerk sent us to a jewelry store, which was over a mile away.  They promptly installed a new battery, and we were on our way again.  We were surprised by the gated door that required them to buzz us in.  I guess no matter the area, jewelry stores are prime targets for thieves.

This was a great 7-day cruise, and it’s nice to be able to drive to the port.  In the past, we have always done longer cruises on Princess, so we discovered something new.  On shorter cruises, each time you make a purchase at a bar, they punch a card and when it is full, they all go into a big tub and one is chosen on the last night.  We tried to find out where they would do this, but no one seemed to know.  After dinner, we went to the Wheelhouse Bar, which was our hangout.  Imagine our amazement when Roli told us our card was chosen at the drawing.  We didn’t even believe it at first!  Having our card drawn  zeroed out our bar bill for the entire trip!  And we didn’t pay for any drinks that night after it was drawn. We had been teasing all week that if we had a chance to win, maybe we should buy extra bottles of wine, but we did not. This was a fabulous way to end the cruise!


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