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5678We tried to make friends with these ladies but they were incognito. They were having a great time.


st-thomView from our balcony, arriving into St Thomas.  We have been here many times. as we have friends who live there.  More views of entering the harbor below.



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The beautiful Regal atrium.












This is Tanya, one of the great flight attendants on Southwest Airlines.  She made our flight more fun.

Beach signs on Labadee, Royal Caribbean’s private Island.  They direct you to all the fun places.  They served a great barbecue, and we spent the afternoon relaxing in the shade with our cruise buddies.

Wading is so refreshing, but she kept sinking.  The salt water and sand give you a mini-pedicure.

This is Cornie’s bar and grill right on the beach in St Kitts.  Cornie and his wife have been at this location for decades.  He is a great guy with fun stories.  He was not happy to raise his beer price from $1.50 to $2 recently, but sort of forced to by his competition.  What a deal! We had a nice shady spot viewing the beach.

It is wonderful to leave the snow and cold at home and cruise to the Caribbean in the winter.  Eighty degrees in the shade with an ocean breeze beats shoveling snow in 30 degrees every time.

This trip there were 3 birthdays celebrated and we all had a great time.

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