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Archive for March, 2020

Fifteen day cruise to Hawaii end of January was so much fun.  It’s always good to get away from winter for a bit. Hawaii was beautiful. great weather as always, no matter what month we travel.  We made new friends, sang at Karaoke, played trivia, played cards, danced and sometimes just chilled with a cool drink.  We celebrated Patty’s and Liz’s birthday one day and Richard’s big 8-0 a few days later.

You probably know we own ABC Travel. The media is not telling you everything happening with cruise lines.  If you haven’t cruised or if you are looking to book your next one, prices are really good now. This virus will run its course and we will get back to our regular schedules. Anticipation is a big part of your vacation.  Booking now for later this year or next year, or even into 2022 gives you something to look forward to. Check us out at

Stay well.

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