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This is an example of what we call “our ship is in.”  We love taking pics of small boats.  This one was in a motel parking lot in San Diego.

We are not avid photographers, so this gives us something to look for.  After all, how many pictures can you take of each other?

We are having a nice winter so far, but we really need some snow for the water this summer.  It’s ok with me if it all falls in the mountains and not at our house. I grew up in Miami, so snow took some getting used to.  Now that I am a senior citizen, I can do without snow.   However, Eddie is ready for it—the 4-wheeler has a plow and he has a full-size plow on an old pick-up.  Both are tuned up and ready to go.  No shovel for him!

Off the subject, do any readers cross-stitch?  That is my hobby, and I always have a project going.  Well, usually several, and I’m not going to count the ones I have put aside for lack of interest or because I miscounted and have to fix it.

Have a lovely day, and thanks for reading our blog.

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