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The Red Frog Pub is relatively new on Carnival ships.  We recently sailed Miracle to Mexico again and played RFB progressive trivia.  It was different from any other trivia we have played because the questions were all related to the Caribbean or the pub.  Examples:  What is a group of frogs called?  What was the original name of the Bloody Mary?You get one point for each correct answer on the the first five, then on the second 5 you get two points each.  However, if you don’t know the answer and write a funny one, you get one point. The host checked the papers and read the funny answers.  Normally Carnival allows you to check your own, leading to the same people winning a lot with no one checking their answers.  For extra points, we had to appear one night with our shirts on inside out and backwards.  Every team participated.  The second night we got extra points if we brought a new team with us, but none of us were able to find one. We had two groups of people say they would show up, but neither did.


Here is Terrance, our fun host for trivia.  He was the ultimate cruise staff member and we had many good times with him. Our team is wearing bathrobes over our elegant night clothes for extra points.  Once again, every team showed up in bathrobes.


Our team won!  We received a medal, a deck of cards, a 14-carat gold (plastic) ship on a stick and that huge Beachcomber drink, which the four of us shared after dinner.  It was delicious and a great ending to the evening.

The Pub has games like chess, Jenga, electronic darts, Foosball and table shuffleboard.  It was challenging figuring out where to aim the puck, allowing for the ship movement.  At night they had a band playing and most of the time the pub was packed.  The bartenders are top notch and fun.  They take pictures of the customers and they pop up on tvs all around the room.  Do check out the pub when you cruise on Carnival.

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