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We just returned from a summer cruise on Carnival Splendor. We usually don’t cruise in the summer, and had not sailed on Splendor before. I had read reviews saying the decor was pink and gaudy, but it didn’t seem that way to me. This trip was a “sit back and relax” trip, so we never left the ship. We have been to the Mexican ports numerous times.

It had been several years since we had sailed with Carnival.  One nice thing they do is upgrade you on the current cruise instead of waiting til the next one.  We only needed one day to level up, and were levelled up when we checked in.

One disappointment is that now they only make drinks they have in their system, and they must be made exactly by their directions.    For instance a cosmo calls for vodka, you cannot change it to tequila.  We had a conversation with one of the bar managers who confirmed this.

Our favorite place on Carnival ships is still the Deli. The menu has been updated and it was delicious as always.  Also you could request anything on the menu, add or leave off whatever you wanted.  Interesting that the Deli can make changes but not the bar

We were happy to find hot tubs in the shade on deck 10.  They were never crowded when we were there.

Disembarkation was fast and smooth–we were off the ship just after 8 AM.

The last time we sailed on Carnival Spirit, it was moved. Same thing happened with Miracle.  So, we weren’t surprised to find out that Splendor is leaving LA also.

The good news is that Panorama is coming to LA and it is a new ship.  The west coast has needed a new Carnival ship for a long time.



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